Cypress' Open edX Will Be Released Next Week – The Fourth Version, "Dogwood", Will Come in November

EdX’s engineers added today another release candidate to Open edX’s Cypress version, the RC4, given the need of more fixes.

The final Cypress release is expected to be released “early next week”, as long as more issues are not found, according to edX.

  • Cypress will be the third named version of the Open edX platform. So far, we’ve seen “Aspen” and “Birch”.
  • The fourth release has been named “Dogwood“, continuing with the tree-naming traditionIt will include the “Student Notes” feature as well as a Django upgrade from 1.4 to 1.8. It is expected for November 2015.
  • The fifth one, “Eucalyptus, will come in March, 2016.