Open edX | May 2019: Harvard’s Blockstore, Jupyter, MITx, Blockchain…

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MAY 2019 – NEWSLETTER #16  |  More breaking news at IBL News 



• Harvard’s Blockstore Technology Will Enable Personalized Learning on Open edX

• Open Resources Such as Jupyter and Open edX Transform STEM Education, Proves Prof. Barba



• “Finding a Positive Synergy between MIT’s MOOCs and Learning on Campus”

• Starting in Online Learning: How Rochester Institute of Technology Navigates

• Up-skilling for Today’s Workforce: a Perspective from Lisa Stephens, SUNY



• Interview with Dr. Charles Severance, World’s Python Professor

• “Transparent AI Will Revolutionize Online Learning”



• Decentralization & Blockchain on Open edX: Sharing Without Needing Trust

• Few Impactful AI Developments On Education At Scale



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