MOOCs' Offer Grows Exponentially – The Top 5 MOOC Finders

MOOCs’ offer is growing exponentially, as shown in this graphic by Class Central. In addition, there are more providers –the main ones being Coursera, edX, Udacity, and CourseSites in the U.S.; FutureLearn in the UK; Iversity in Europe; Open2Study in Australia; MiriadaX in Latin America and Spain– and many more MOOC finders.

Here is a list of the top 5:

  • It tracks more than 50,000 courses. It has a great feature called “Mooc tracker”, which allows you to build your own catalog of courses and get notified.
  • It tracks free and paid video courses from the nine best course providers. It highlights the idea of collecting certificates and getting references.
  • It includes MOOC providers such as Academy, India’s NPTEL and the OpenCourseWare consortium, that aren’t well represented by other aggregators.
  • It covers an extensive offering of video-based courses, both free and paid. So far, RedHoop has collected over 21,400 courses, of which 3,600 are free. It features an interesting top 100 list.
  • It ranks courses in terms of popularity.