MIT xPRO Launches Its New Fall Catalog for Post-Graduate Working Professionals

IBL News | New York

MIT Professional Development Division has announced a new edition of its Architecture and Systems Engineering series starting at September 30.

This four-course online program, with a duration of 4-5 weeks per course and no application process, will cost $3,249, and upon completion, students will earn a professional certificate from MIT xPRO plus Continuing Education Units (CEUs) –but not credit that can be applied to a degree.

It will explore the newest practices in systems engineering, including how models can enhance functions and how tasks can be augmented with quantitative analysis.

This multi-course is featured in a new fall catalog format.

MIT xPRO, which designs courses for post-graduate working professionals with industry experience, has moved its Open edX-based home page into a new discovery portal located at

Another program for this fall refers to Leadership Principles for Engineers, Scientists, and Researchers.