Mistral Introduced Its First Code Model Called ‘Codestral’

IBL News | New York

The French AI startup Mistral released this week its first model for coding, dubbed Codestral. It can be downloaded on HuggingFace.

Like other code-generating models, Codestral is designed to help developers write and interact with code.

As a 22B model, Codestral has been trained on a diverse dataset of 80+ programming languages, including Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, and Bash. It also performs well on more specific ones like Swift and Fortran.

Codestral can complete coding functions, write tests, and “fill in” partial code. It can also answer questions about a codebase in English.

Mistral’s open-source license prohibits commercial use of the code. Techcrunch wrote that the reason could be that Codestral was trained partly on copyrighted content.

Mistral Codestral
According to a June 2023 Stack Overflow poll, over 44% of developers said that they use AI tools. However, security researchers have warned that such tools can amplify existing bugs and security issues in software projects.