Anthropic’s Claude 3 Can Now Create AI Agents

IBL News | New York

Anthropic announced yesterday that it is releasing a new feature called “tool use” for its chatbot, Claude 3. This release allows people to create various assistants or agents.

The feature enables Claude 3 to interact with external tools and APIs, perform tasks, manipulate data, and provide more dynamic responses.

  • Extract structured data from unstructured text: Pull names, dates, and amounts from invoices to reduce manual data entry.
  • Convert natural language requests into structured API calls: Enable teams to self-serve common actions (e.g., “cancel subscription”) with simple commands.
  • Answer questions by searching databases or using web APIs: Provide instant, accurate responses to customer inquiries in support chatbots.
  • Automate simple tasks through software APIs: Save time and minimize errors in data entry or file management.
  • Orchestrate multiple fast Claude subagents for granular tasks: Automatically find the optimal meeting time based on attendee availability.

Tool use is generally available across the Claude 3 model family on the Anthropic Messages API, Amazon Bedrock, and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI.