Microsoft Releases a Course About Azure Stack

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure, which enables a hybrid cloud platform.

Intending to educate IT Professionals and Enterprise Architects about it, Microsoft has launched the free “Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Stack” online course through its Open edX-based platform.

It’s a 30 to 35 hours, nine modules, self-paced course, ending on March 22, 2019, which provides in-depth discussiosn and practical hands-on training of Microsoft Azure Stack, including Azure Virtual Machines, Storage, Virtual Networking, and deployment options.

In addition, students participate in several assessment checkpoints to help them gauge their level of understanding.

The course includes nine labs:

  • Connecting to Microsoft Azure Stack using Azure PowerShell
  • Configuring Delegation Using the Azure Stack Administrator Portal
  • Add a Windows Server 2016 Image to Azure Stack using Azure PowerShell (Disconnected Scenario)
  • Add a Linux Image to Azure Stack using Azure PowerShell (Disconnected Scenario)
  • Create a Custom Marketplace Items using the Marketplace Toolkit
  • Validating ARM Templates with Azure Stack