Microsoft Launches a Series of 10 Courses about Cybersecurity on

Microsoft has introduced a free 10-course professional program on Cybersecurity, intended to help identify threats early on and minimize the impact of breaches.

Each course requires 8 to 12 hours of study time, and will run for three months, starting at the beginning of each quarter – in January, April, July and October 2019.

However, the first course, Enterprise Security Fundamentals, is already available.

The program, which includes short video lessons, labs, quizzes and community interaction, is hosted on The cost is $99 per course if the student pursues a “verified certificate”.

  1. Enterprise Security Fundamentals
  2. Threat Detection: Planning for a Secure Enterprise
  3. Planning a Security Incident Response
  4. PowerShell Security Best Practices
  5. Managing Identity
  6. Security in Office 365; Securing Data in Azure and SQL Server; or Microsoft SharePoint 2016: Authentication and Security
  7. Windows 10 Security Features
  8. Windows Server 2016 Security Features
  9. Microsoft Azure Security Services
  10. Microsoft Professional Capstone on Cybersecurity