Learning Innovation | November 2018: Coursera, Udacity, Facebook, Linkedin Learning, Bloomberg…

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Michael Bloomberg will donate $1.8 billion to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins. This private donation, the largest ever to any educational institution, will allow this university to offer free scholarships.

Udacity is increasing again the pricing of Nanodegrees, according to Class Central. For example, Blockchain Developer is jumping from $999 to $1998.

MOOCs must overcome four challenges to survive: low completion rates, high cheating rates, lack of awareness about their existence, and unsustainable revenue models. Prof. Ignacio Despujol, an expert on MOOCs, gave an interesting talk about it.

• e-Literate has posted a view of the 30 largest online enrollments systems in the U.S., with LMS usage and trends since 2012.


The online degree market is entering an era characterized by a growing overlap with non-degree learning, MOOC-based degrees, and consumer preferences –analyzes Sean Gallagher in edSurge.

MOOC-based degrees emerge as a new category in education. They are less expensive, stackable, free to audit and with a more flexible application process.

Online degrees are under intense scrutiny. Georgia Tech’s model is an example to follow. An excellent analysis by Manoel Cortes, a software engineer, and online student.

Non-degree online courses and programs are slowly remaking the online degree market, with their career advancement – oriented modular and flexible credentials.


Coursera is preparing 100 new courses and 20 Specializations in Spanish. This catalog will include topics like artificial intelligence, web development, data analysis and more.

Coursera’s co-founder Andrew Ng will teach, in early 2019, “AI for Everyone”, a non-technical course on artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Launches a Series of 10 Courses about Cybersecurity on edX.org


Facebook has launched a free, open educational platform, which offers training in digital marketing and other career-focused skills. So far this site includes 13 ultra-short courses.

• LinkedIn Learning is expanding its content library with five new partners, including Harvard Business Publishing.


Arizona State University (ASU) is going all in with adaptive and active learning – based degree programs after succeeding with several programs.

Gartner has come out with the top tech trends for 2019


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