Jono Bacon, a Leading Expert in Community Management, Will Be the Keynote Speaker at the Open edX Conference


Jono Bacon, Director of Community at GitHub, speaker and author, will be the Keynote Speaker at the 2016 Open edX Conference, scheduled for June 14-17 at Stanford University. Jono Bacon is one of the top worldwide experts in community management. He has led communities at Canonical and XPRIZE and is the author of the critically-acclaimed The Art of Community. 

See his talk “The Future of Community” from OSCON 11 below.

Jono Bacon’s ideas will inspire directions for the Open edX community.

As Molly de Blanc, an edX manager, has said“we are a young community, still defining who we are and our shared culture and goals. Open edX 2016 is an opportunity to get to know each other beyond our code and work. We are finding new ways to collaborate, directions for the project, and how to shape our work. With years of experience in supporting, developing, and growing communities, Jono will add a new perspective to this conversation and to our understanding of the potential and power of a great community.”