Learning Innovation | January 2018: NYU, Stanford, Candace Thille…


• Distance ed is saving higher ed: college enrollment online has steadily climbed its way up to 31.6 percent of the student population, as face-to-face continues to plummet and despite faculty resistance to digital education, has explained Robert Ubell, vice dean emeritus of online learning at NYU and author of the Going Online book.

• Stanford University has named its first CIO, Stephen Gallagher, currently occupying the same position at Harvard Business School. He will oversee an IT organization with 550 staff members and a budget of $150 million, and determine which technology, systems, and data should be moved to the cloud.

• Chicago plans to teach 500,000 young people in K-12 and community colleges how to code, starting with Swift, the iOS app creator language. It will follow Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” program.

• Highly innovative CIOs are redefining how IT works. They’re ditching legacy systems, developing innovation-focused processes, reimagining work, leveraging their positions, and building the right talent and culture.

• The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has built a three-story production studio that can accommodate multiple camera views and presenters, green screen operations and teleprompting when producing iMBA and other courses.

• Candace Thille, a pioneer in the science of learning and open education, has taken a leave from Stanford and joined Amazon to help the retailer better train its corporate workforce (half million employees). Amazon has a history of investing heavily to produce its own top-notch internal technologies.

• The use of analytics in the classroom helps to make more effective the learning experience for the student. edX’s “Analytics for the Classroom Teacher” course offers many insights in terms of using descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. This post elaborates on this.

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