Hugging Face Launched ‘Chat Assistants’ As An Open Rival to OpenAI’s GPT Store

IBL News | New York

Hugging Face announced last week of a third-party, customizable Chat Assistants as a free, open-source alternative to OpenAI’s custom GPTs — which require a $20 per month subscription.

This offering allows users of Hugging Chat to easily create their own customized AI chatbots with specific capabilities. They can choose which of several open source LLMs they wish to use, including Mistral’s Mixtral and Meta’s Llama 2.

Like OpenAI’s GPTs, Hugging Face — the New York City-based AI startup — has also created an aggregator and a central repository of third-party customized Hugging Chat Assistants, which users can choose.

The assistants aggregator page bears a visual resemblance to the GPT Store page, with custom Assistants displayed in a baseball card-style boxes with circular logos inside.

OpenAI’s GPTs outperform by supporting web search, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and generating logos (through DALL-E 3).