BMW Plans to Add Alexa Voice Assistant in Their Cars

IBL News | New York

BMW showcased Amazon’s Alexa LLM-powered voice assistant in cars during the CES conference in Las Vegas.

The new capabilities provide users with a natural way of getting to know them instead of digging through the car manual.

For example, users can ask the assistant for things like recommendations on different drive modes and activate their chosen mode.

They can also ask for instructions on how car features work—like the parking assistance system—and hear explanations in easy-to-understand terms through the BMW assistant’s customized voice.

The demo followed Amazon’s previous announcement that BMW’s next-generation Intelligent Personal Assistant will be supported through our Alexa Custom Assistant technology (ACA).

BMW and Amazon said that voice technology can strip away complexity and minimize distractions in the car.

Amazon also reported that conversational chatbots work with Alexa.