Hadoop Training and Hands-On Practice on the edX Platform

Expand your knowledge on the leading big data program and take advantage of the growing market demand.

In June, the Linux Foundation will offer a self-paced, free introductory course on Apache Hadoop on the edX platform. This 15-weeks / 3-4 hours per week MOOC will include a hands-on practice exercise based on setting up a small-scale Hadoop test platform.

It will feature six chapters, each with a short graded quiz at the end:

  • The origins of Apache Hadoop and its big data ecosystem.
  • Deploying Hadoop in a clustered environment of a modern day enterprise IT.
  • Building data lake management architectures around Apache Hadoop.
  • Leveraging the YARN framework to enable heterogeneous analytical workloads on Hadoop clusters.
  • Leveraging Apache Hive for an SQL-centric view into the enterprise data lake.
  • An introduction to managing key Hadoop components (HDFS, YARN, and Hive) from the command line.
  • Securing and scaling your data lakes in multi-tenant enterprise environments.

“This course is perfect for IT professionals seeking a high-level overview of Hadoop, and who want to find out if a Hadoop-driven big data strategy is the right solution to meet their data retention and analytics needs,” explains The Linux Foundation.

To complete the course, a final exam will be required. A verified certificate will be available for $99.