Dr. Chuck, Creator of Sakai LMS and the LTI Technology, Will Launch Soon an Open Source MOOC Platform

Charles Severance, Dr. Chuck, creator of Sakai LMS and the LTI technology, has announced a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Koseu (course, in Korean). “This is the world’s smallest open source next generation Learning Management System”, he stated.

“Eventually, this will be the best LMS, LOR, and MOOC hosting platform in the world. But for now this is just a README file so I can get started writing the code.”

Along with Koseu, Dr. Chuck explained to IBL that he created Tsugi, a framework that enables the development and hosting of learning applications that can be seamlessly integrated into LMS.

Tsugi is built upon a set of open source implementations of standards like IMS LTI, content item and common cartridge. Each tool built with Tsugi supports interoperability standards and can be hosted on its own in a Tsugi container for many tenants“, explained.