Google Prepares the Launch of a New Colab AI Tool, with Similar Features to GitHub Co-Pilot

IBL News | New York

Google plans to release soon, initially in the U.S. for paid users, its new code generation Colab, with added AI coding features like code completions, natural language to code generation, and a code-assisting chatbot.

The tool will use Codey, a family of code models built on PaLM 2, announced at I/O Google’s event recently.

Fine-tuned on a large dataset of permissively licensed code from external sources, Codey has been customized especially for Python and for Colab-specific uses.

Over seven million people already use Colab, which is free of charge, as a software tool for machine learning, data analysis, and education.

“Natural language to code generation helps users to generate larger blocks of code, writing whole functions from comments or prompts; the goal here is to reduce the need for writing repetitive code,” said Google in a blog-post.

“Access to these features will roll out gradually in the coming months, starting with our paid subscribers in the U.S. and then expanding into the free-of-charge tier. We’ll also expand into other geographies over time.”

Twitter’s account @googlecolab is the main source of announcements about releases and launches.