Google Meet Unveils New Features Allowing More Control and Increasing Security

IBL News | New York

Google Meet –part of G Suite for Education, with 140 million users–revealed yesterday, several of the features that it will be launching later this year. Some of which are similar to improvements made by Zoom.

“New moderation features for G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education users will give educators more control over how to run their virtual classes,” announced Arpit Guglani, Product Manager at Google Meet.

This is a summary of the new features:

  • Joining a meeting (or “knocking”) with just one knock.
  • Functionality allowing moderators to end the meeting for all participants, ensuring no students linger after the teacher has left.
  • Block of anonymous attendees from joining any Education meetings by default.
  • Ability to blur out their surroundings or replace their background, with presets or uploaded images.
  • Ability to mute all participants at the same time, disable in-meeting chat for participants, and restrict who can present.
  • Hand raising feature to make meetings flow more smoothly.
  • Integrated collaborative whiteboard to help teachers and students share ideas.
  • A larger tiled view will allow you to display up to 49 participants at once.
  • Closed captions in additional languages to make lessons more accessible.

Additionally, several premium features are being released, such as “attendance tracking to provide a record of which students joined the class, breakout rooms so educators can split classes into smaller groups, Q&A to provide a way for students to ask questions without disrupting the flow of the class discussion or lesson, and polling to engage students to share their voice.”