First Open edX Meetup Will Take Place in New York on January 22


The first U.S. Open edX meetup will take place in New York on Thursday, January 22, 2015.

IBL Studios Education, along with McKinsey Academy and Johnson and Johnson, is organizing the event.

Six speakers representing the most active organizations in Open edX in the New York area will share their insights.

McKinsey Academy is the sponsor venue.

Sessions will be filmed by IBL and shared online with the whole edX community.

Access is free, although the number of seats is limited. Top academics from several colleges in New York, including NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia, will attend the event.

To join, just RSVP to this Open edX meetup.

This is the list of presenters:

  • Vishal Gandhi – McKinsey Academy
    “Hyperextending edX”
  • Tim Mauri – Johnson and Johnson (J&J)
    “How J&J decided on edX”
  • Ruben Savizky, PhD – Cooper Union
    “Lessons learned from creating a MOOC on”
  • Michael Amigot – IBL Studios Education
    “Digital badges and other innovative features”
  • Yoav Bergner, PhD – Educational Testing Service
    “Collaborative assessment research with Open edX”
  • Bruno Kavanagh – Interactive media consultant, McKinsey Academy
    “Instructional design is dead: Long live learning media!”