EdX Starts a Series of Podcasts Interviewing Leaders in Online Education

edX has started to publish a series of podcasts with interviews featuring experts in online education as well as Open edX community leaders, prior to the 2019 Open edX Conference on March 28 at UC San Diego.

John Mark Walker, Open Source and Community Lead on edX, is conducting this initiative.

The first podcast included a conversation with learning science researcher Candace Thille, Director of Leaning Science and Engineering at Amazon. Mrs. Thille, who will address a keynote this month during the 2019 Open edX Conference, elaborates on her ongoing research, applications of AI in learning, and the role of universities in an era of democratized learning.



The second podcast episode hosted Walter Bender, Chief Learning Architect at Sorcero and co-founder of One Laptop Per Child and SugarLabs, and Ken Haase, Chief AI Officer at Sorcero.


Another relevant podcast that came up this month involves Adam Medros, President and COO at edX. He was interviewed on the UK’s Technology Blog Writer website. Mr. Medros provided his view on how edX is transforming online and classroom learning.