EdX Open-Sources its Analytics Software

analytics edx

The newest version of the edX platform –free to be downloaded on GitHub– contains a cool surprise: a new course analytics product called edX Insights, which provides data for student enrollment activity, geographic location and engagement with course content.

Members with the Instructor or Course Staff permission can access this functionality in the LMS’s Instructor Dashboard, and monitor students’ activities, validate choices or reveal unexpected patterns.

EdX Insights is designed to deliver data using visualizations, key metrics, and tables, in order to learn who your students are and what they do while they interact with your course.

  • For example, the Weekly Student Engagement chart displays the number of students who engaged in different activities over time.

For now, edX has issued the initial version of Insights on the September 30 release.


The edX analytics team has open-sourced the whole code, although without the documentation and operational support it is hard to handle. It requires a lot of understanding before being able to do anything useful.