EdX Launches Eucalyptus, the Fifth Release of the Open edX Platform



The latest Open edX software called “Eucalyptus” was officially released this weekend. It replaces “Dogwood” and it comes with new course navigation, bookmarks, CourseTalk for reviews, teams, student notes and badges for completing course events.

It also includes “Subsection prerequisites”, which require learners to achieve a certain score before they progress to the next subsection. Additionally, there are a number of new XBlocks, such as: Completion, Drag and Drop Problem and Peer Instruction.

The Release Notes detail all of these functionalities.

“Eucalyptus.1 is the first release on the Eucalyptus line”, explained Ned Batchelder, manager at edX . “We’re proud of all the work that went into producing Eucalyptus, we hope you get good use from it”.

Several features have been deprecated or deleted:

  • REST APIs (deprecated):
    • Mobile, course structure, and profile images REST web services
  • Tools & Problem Types (deprecated):
    • Randomize component (replaced by randomized content blocks
    • Original drag and drop problem type (replaced by mobile-friendly drag and drop problem
  • Tools & XModules (deleted):
    • The graphical slider tool
    • The crowdsource hinter XModule
    • Support for the always_recalculate_grades XBlock field
    • The ENABLE_JWT_AUTH feature flag



The next Open edX release, scheduled for early 2017, will be called “Ficus“. It will include notifications, downloadable audio files and several improvements on mobile, commerce, grading, discussion, SSO integration, etc. This will be the sixth official release, after Aspen (September 2014), Birch (January 2015), Cypress (August 2015), Dogwood (January 2016) and Eucalyptus (August 2016).


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