Dogwood, the Fourth Open edX Named Release, Scheduled for January 26, 2016


The next Open edX release called Dogwood will be available for the code developers’ community on January 26, 2016.

Dogwood will be the fourth named release of the Open edX software, after Aspen (September 2014), Birch (March 2015) and Cypress (July 2015).

Ned Batchelder, software architect at edX, disclosed the following planned dates for Dogwood:

  • December 21: RC1 tag in repos based on the release of December 16th.
  • December 22: RC1 Vagrant boxes are available for download. No upgrade scripts will be available yet.
  • December 29: draft release notes available
  • January 6: RC2, with upgrade scripts, available
  • January 26: Final Dogwood release available
Dogwood will include a Django upgrade from 1.4 to 1.8, Student Notes, Badging, Otto ecommerce as well as other services that are being discussed now.