Data Management Top 50 Start-Ups Are Valued Over 100 Billion

IBL News | New York

Enterprise data management will grow at least 12.8% annually from the period of 2022 to 2027 to attain over $150.6 billion by 2027, according to the consultancy Expert Market Research.

In 2021, the business of managing data became the fastest growing area of infrastructure. It was estimated to be worth over $70 billion and accounted for over one-fifth of all enterprise infrastructure.

“Data continues to be one of the most important and furiously growing innovation drivers across both large enterprises and new start-ups,” said an analyst of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Data management marries the field of software engineering, analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

Andreessen Horowitz has elaborated a list of the most exciting companies in data management in 2002. Overall, these companies are valued at more than $100 billion. In aggregate, they have raised $14.5 billion, with 20 having reached unicorn status by 2021.

Data50 List:

1 Databricks Query and Processing San Francisco, CA $5B+ Databricks
2 Fivetran ELT & Orchestration Oakland, CA $5B+ Fivetran
3 AI/ML Palo Alto, CA $5B+
4 OneTrust Data Governance & Security Atlanta, GA $5B+ OneTrust
5 Dbt labs ELT & Orchestration Philadelphia, PA $1B-$5B Dbt labs
6 Starburst Query and Processing Boston, MA $1B-$5B Starburst
7 Collibra Data Governance & Security Brussels, Belgium $5B+ Collibra
8 Dremio Query and Processing Santa Clara, CA $1B-$5B Dremio
9 Dataiku Query and Processing New York, NY $1B-$5B Dataiku
10 Hugging Face AI/ML New York, NY $250-999M Hugging Face
11 DataRobot Query and Processing Boston, MA $5B+ DataRobot
12 AI/ML San Francisco, CA $250-999M
13 Snorkel AI/ML Palo Alto, CA $1B-$5B Snorkel
14 Anyscale AI/ML San Francisco, CA $1B-$5B Anyscale
15 Firebolt Query and Processing Tel Aviv, Israel $1B-$5B Firebolt
16 Astronomer ELT & Orchestration Cincinnati, OH $100-$249M Astronomer
17 Alation Data Governance & Security Redwood City, CA $1B-$5B Alation
18 Weights & Biases AI/ML San Francisco, CA $1B-$5B Weights & Biases
19 Sigma Computing BI & Notebooks San Francisco, CA $1B-$5B Sigma Computing
20 Monte Carlo Data Observability San Francisco, CA $250-999M Monte Carlo
21 OctoML AI/ML Seattle, WA $250-999M OctoML
22 Census Customer Data Analytics San Francisco, CA $250-999M Census
23 Hex BI & Notebooks San Francisco, CA $250-999M Hex
24 Hightouch Customer Data Analytics San Francisco, CA $250-999M Hightouch
25 Amperity Customer Data Analytics Seattle, WA $1B-$5B Amperity
26 BigID Data Governance & Security New York, NY $1B-$5B BigID
27 Privacera Data Governance & Security Fremont, CA $250-999M Privacera
28 Immuta Data Governance & Security Boston, MA $250-999M Immuta
29 Bigeye Data Observability San Francisco, CA $250-999M Bigeye
30 Matillion ELT & Orchestration Greater Manchester, United Kingdom $1B-$5B Matillion
31 Heap Customer Data Analytics San Francisco, CA $1B-$5B Heap
32 Tecton AI/ML San Francisco, CA $250-999M Tecton
33 Imply Query and Processing Burlingame, CA $250-999M Imply
34 Sisu Data BI & Notebooks San Francisco, CA $250-999M Sisu Data
35 Rudderstack ELT & Orchestration San Francisco, CA $100-$249M Rudderstack
36 ActionIQ Customer Data Analytics New York, NY $250-999M ActionIQ
37 ClickHouse Query and Processing Portola Valley, CA $1B-$5B ClickHouse
38 Airbyte ELT & Orchestration San Francisco, CA $1B-$5B Airbyte
39 Rockset Query and Processing San Mateo, CA $250-999M Rockset
40 Labelbox AI/ML San Francisco, CA $250-999M Labelbox
41 Explorium AI/ML San Mateo, CA $250-999M Explorium
42 Rasa AI/ML San Francisco, CA $100-$249M Rasa
43 Prefect ELT & Orchestration Washington, DC $250-999M Prefect
44 Materialize Query and Processing New York, NY $250-999M Materialize
45 Coiled AI/ML San Juan Capistrano, CA $100-$249M Coiled
46 Preset BI & Notebooks San Mateo, CA $100-$249M Preset
47 Metabase BI & Notebooks San Francisco, CA $100-$249M Metabase
48 AI/ML San Francisco, CA $100-$249M
49 Robust Intelligence AI/ML San Francisco, CA $100-$249M Robust Intelligence
50 Fiddler AI/ML Mountain View, CA $100-$249M Fiddler