Coursera’s Blockbuster Classes of 2019: Preeminence of AI, with 2M Enrollments

IBL News | New York

Coursera’s AI-centric courses and Specializations will soon reach the milestone of two million enrollments in 2019, according to the company’s data. In this area, one of the most requested courses was AI For Everyone, taught by Coursera’s co-founder Andrew Ng.

Other blockbuster courses and specializations were Learning How to Learn, from McMaster University and UC San Diego;  The Science of Well-Being, from Yale, IBM Data Science Professional Certificate (with 135,000 enrolled) and Google IT Support Professional Certificate (50,000 enrolled).

“Demand for industry certificates is on the rise, as are innovative models for stackable credentials,” Dil Sidhu, Chief Content Officer at Coursera, wrote in a blog-post yesterday. “This marks a new era of higher education that recognizes the need for stackable content before entering a degree program.”

The ranking of the most popular courses of 2019 features seven universities and three corporations:

  1. Machine Learning (Stanford)
  2. Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects (McMaster University and UC San Diego)
  3. The Science of Well-Being (Yale)
  4. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) (University of Michigan)
  5. AI for Everyone (
  6. Neural Networks and Deep Learning (
  7. English for Career Development (University of Pennsylvania)
  8. Algorithms, Part I (Princeton)
  9. Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning (
  10. What Is Data Science? (IBM)

Regarding the most popular Specializations and Professional Certificates of 2019, this is the list:

  1. Python for Everybody (University of Michigan)
  2. Deep Learning (
  3. IBM Data Science (IBM)
  4. Google IT Support (Google)
  5. Architecting with Google Compute Engine (Google Cloud)
  6. Applied Data Science with Python (University of Michigan)
  7. Data Science (John Hopkins University)
  8. Excel Skills for Business (Macquarie University)
  9. Data Engineering, Big Data, and Machine Learning on GCP (Google Cloud)
  10. Improve Your English Communication Skills (Georgia Institute of Technology)

With a catalog of over 3,800 courses, 400 Specializations, 16 degrees, 13 Professional Certificates, and six MasterTrack Certificates, Coursera reported annual growth of eight million users on a learner base of 45 million, with an age average of 32 years-old and the US, India, China, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, and Russia being their largest markets.

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