Coursera Will Release Its AI Chatbot Over the Coming Months

IBL News | New York

Coursera announced this week that new generative AI features will be implemented “over the coming months.”

“These innovations, intended to build a personalized learner experience, mark a new chapter for teaching and learning on Coursera,” said Shravan Goli, Chief Operating Officer of Coursera in a blog post. [Update: June 19, 2023] 

  • Coursera Coach: Virtual coach that answers questions and shares personalized feedback. It also provides quick video lecture summaries and resources, such as a recommended clip, to help learners better understand a specific concept. Coursera said that a pilot will be launched “in the coming months.”
  • Coursera Author: AI-powered course building features to auto-generate content, such as, overall structure, readings, assignments, and glossaries. It will help educators reduce the time and cost of producing high-quality content. A pilot launch is scheduled for “later this year.”
  • Massive translation from English into Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, and Indonesian of 2,000+ courses, including its readings, lecture video subtitles, quizzes, assessments, peer review instructions, and discussion prompts.
  • In addition to AI features, Coursera announced that educators will be able to incorporate virtual reality (VR) components into their courses, “whether that’s practicing a speech in front of a simulated audience or touring the interior of a blood vessel.” Learners will access these immersive experiences via desktop or most VR headsets. [More about new VR capabilities for educators.]
  • Coursera for Campus plagiarism portal. Educators will be able to examine plagiarism metrics and handle learner appeals, ID verification to confirm learners are who they say they are, and enhanced plagiarism detection capabilities on course assessments. “In the coming months, we’ll also be rolling out the ability to improve assessment robustness with hybrid-live proctoring capabilities.”
  • A new grading process, now in Beta, called Quick Grader will enable educators to seamlessly render uploaded assignments to review alongside grading rubrics.
  • Coursera Hiring Solutions, in beta, is a skills-first recruitment platform that matches industry-trained, job-ready talent with companies filling entry-level digital roles.