Coursera Extends Its Free Access to Universities Worldwide

IBL News | New York announced this week that it is continuing in the long-term its Coursera for Campus offer of free courses for universities, along with other functionalities.

This offer – part of the Campus Response Initiative – started in March in the midst of the pandemic closure. Since then, Coursera has attracted 3,700 universities, serving more than 2.4 million students who have enrolled in 21.4 million courses.

The learning company has set three offerings:

  • The Student plan gives every university student free access to unlimited Guided Projects for hands-on learning and one course annually. They will also have access to the online help center.
  • The Basic plan provides up to 20,000 free student licenses to every university. Every license includes access to unlimited Guided Projects and one course annually. This long-term free offering includes basic plagiarism deterrence features and access to the online help center.
  • The Institution plan provides unlimited Guided Projects and unlimited course enrollments for each student license. It also enables universities to author, grade, and manage for-credit online learning programs with enhanced academic integrity.

Upgraded features of Coursera for Campus will enable universities to deliver credit-bearing online learning with academic integrity features.

The Mountain View, California-based company, with a catalog of 4,200 courses, explained: “Faculty can now administer secure, high-stakes exams and detect plagiarism in assignments on Coursera for Campus. It supports online proctoring with integrations like ProctorU and allows exams to be timed and scheduled. Over the next few months, Coursera will enhance exam security with third-party ID verification tools. For assignments, integrations with tools like Turnitin auto-detect plagiarism for both students and graders. Students can check their Similarity Score before submitting an assignment. Faculty can view all suspected and confirmed plagiarism incidents in Gradebooks. The platform also supports plagiarism deterrence by disabling URL sharing and copying of peer reviews.”

“Question Banks make it easy to author rigorous, custom assessments at scale. Faculty can create assessments with any combination of auto-graded multiple choice and manually-graded essay questions. They can privately author questions and randomize them based on learning objective and difficulty level. This feature will roll out widely by the end of the year.”

In addition, Coursera for Campus offered universities authoring and administrative tools and LMS integrations. They can build custom courses, hands-on projects, assessments, and even embed Zoom recordings with Live2Coursera. Strategies and resources for effective online teaching are also available on the Coursera Teaching Center.


Live2Coursera Launched as a Zoom App

On the other hand, Coursera announced this week its Live2Coursera app availability at the Zoom marketplace. Instructors can enable the Live2Coursera Zapp to record, share, and upload their Zoom lectures to Coursera.