Course Navigation Improvements Planned on the edX Platform

The edX engineering team plans to introduce course navigation improvements on the edX platform on October, as shown above. Initial improvements are focused on the usability and clarity of the course content area.

“The sequence bar has been cleaned up visually to help learners to understand where they are, including updated icons, colors, and labels for the previous and next actions”, edX explained. Additionally, the bottom of a unit page has been made more visually obvious and will have the name of the next/previous unit pages as well.

Another improvement, scheduled in this case for November, will affect the course outline, which will look as shown below. The learning content area will be expanded, and learners will enjoy a more immersive experience.

This design effort “is the culmination of a considerable amount of research, testing, and review of various course navigation concepts,” edX said. “To help you form targeted questions, we invite you to interact with a clickable prototype of the changes. You can review or comment within this prototype:

These changes will be implemented on the master branch platform, and will probably arrive into the Open edX platform on December or January when the next named version, called Ficus, is released.

Click on the image below to navigate through the prototype.