An Open edX Platform on UN's Sustainable Development Reaches 100,000 Students


The Open edX software-based, educational website SDSNedu was rebranded this month into SDG Academy (or Sustainable Development Goals Academy).

With 7 full-length courses and 2 mini-courses, this learning platform linked to the United Nations and hosted by edCast, announced that it has attracted over 100,000 enrollments since it was created in 2014. Its goal is to launch a program of 17 courses on Sustainable Development and reach one million students by 2020.

The faculty of the SDG Academy is comprised of global experts on sustainable development like Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on SDG and Director of the SDSN, Prof. Johan Rockstrom, Dr. Srinath K. Reddy and Professor Paul Collier.

Press release with the announcement