Confidence In the Teaching Profession Continues to Decline in the U.S.

IBL News | New York

Confidence in the education profession continues declining, and 76% of educators feel negative about the state of the teaching job in the U.S. The Educator Confidence Index now sits at 40 out of 100, the lowest rate in the report’s history—down from 42.7 in 2021 and 49.0 in 2020.

These are the main conclusions extracted from the 2022 Educator Confidence Report, released by learning technology, Boston-based company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) this month. The study surveyed over 1,000 K-12 teachers and 125+ administrators in May and June.

These are the key findings of the report:

  • 73% of educators feel that technology is significantly more integrated into the classroom now than pre-pandemic, with tools to communicate between teachers and parents and tools that deliver interactive learning opportunities to students most favored among teachers. Even more, 68% of educators said EdTech has become essential to the classroom.
  • 81% report the experiences of the last two years have moved education closer to fully realizing the potential of technology in teaching. Educators are most excited about easy-to-use technology that can be used in-classroom and remotely (63%).
  • 78% of educators state that their top concern is the mental health of their peers. The majority also need more aid in the classroom, with 64% saying they need adequate funding for classroom supplies and resources.  According to today’s educators, improved salary and benefits (90%) and more support for educator well-being (67%) would make the profession more appealing to new educators.
  • 79% of educators say customized learning based on what students know and what they need would most transform learning and teaching in the future. The future of the classroom is personalized—for both students and teachers, with data-driven, personalized EdTech solutions making it possible to meet everyone where they are.
  • Community support for teacher compensation is key for not only retention but the future of the profession. Teachers are looking for more appreciation, respect, and trust in their experience.