A Bachelor's Degree in Business for $5K? An Online University Makes it Possible

City Vision University, a nationally accredited online-only Christian university, has launched a four-year bachelor’s degree in Business for $5,000.

This initiative, conducted by Dr. Andrew Sears, was developed in partnership with Saylor Academy. It fits with the university’s view of providing a radically affordable education. The school is also developing a similar Computer Science degree.

The Business degree includes the following pathway:

1. During Freshman and Sophomore year, students take 15 courses (45 credits) through Saylor Academy endorsed by Qualifi. Saylor.org courses are fully online, self-paced (independent study) and asynchronous (can start at any time).

2. During Sophomore Year, students transfer to City Vision to take 5 courses (15 credits). City Vision courses are 8-week, instructor-led courses that start 5 times a year. Students will receive an Associate of Science in Business Administration for a total two-year cost of $2,000.

3. On Junior year, students take 30 credits accredited by Qualifi. Credits are transferred to City Vision.

4. On Senior Year, students take 5 courses (15 credits) through City Vision and 5 courses (15 credits) through Saylor Academy that transfer to City Vision. Students will receive an Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for a total four-year cost of $5,000.

Interestingly, students may use US federal aid with City Vision courses, but not with Saylor and Qualifi (see the courses here). Dr. Sears explain his view in the video below.

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