Chatbots Gain Traction Among Businesses – Now a Course About Them on edX

Mikel Amigot | IBL News

Chatbot–based customer services are increasingly in demand. Advancements in AI technology, natural language processing, neural networks and speech recognition are making chatbots more effective and affordable. However, they are still in an early phase of development.

These revolutionary applications – which allow users to engage in interactive conversations using text or natural voice – have the potential to save businesses a fortune – over 8 billion annually by 2020 according to Juniper.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot technology is not ready to replace top customers agents when assisting customers yet, but is advancing rapidly. A well-performed human experience is unbeatable.

Trying to trick customers by making them think that an AI chatbot is a real person only speaks poorly about that company. Customers get easily annoyed if they are asked the same information repeatedly. If they feel that an algorithm is in the works trying to match the best response, they will inevitably feel played.

Antonio Cangiano, an IBM manager who teaches a class on chatbots on edX, highlights that these tools “augment humans, not replace them.” Despite being imperfect, they represent a growing business opportunity.

The mentioned course helps to build, analyze, and deploy chatbots powered by IBM’s Watson. In addition, it teaches how to make money by selling chatbot services to clients, even by deploying them in WordPress sites.