Call to Develop Lighter and Cheaper Analytics for Open edX

A growing number of players in the Open edX community continues to look for a solution in learning analytics given the malfunctioning of the native Insights Analytics platform for deployments.

Last week the European provider Opencraft posted a call to developers and supporters encouraging them to participate in a joint effort to create “lighter, faster and cheaper” solution on analytics, in order to respond clients’ use cases and requests.

“Can we enhance the Analytics API offerings to create custom, community-used analytics applications, tailored to specific use cases?” was asking Jill Vogel.

Features required were the following:

  • Real-time, or near real-time, updates. Some simple data processing tasks end up taking 30-90 minutes to update and rack up big AWS bills, because of all the overhead added by Hadoop and Map Reduce.
  • Lightweight deployment, suitable for small instances.
  • Flexible reporting, small analytics reporting application.