Apple Discussed $50M Deals with Condé Nast, NBC News and IAC to Train Its AI Systems

IBL News | New York

Apple is negotiating with major media and publishing organizations seeking permission to use their news articles to train their generative AI systems, The New York Times reported.

The news organizations contacted by Apple include Condé Nast, publisher of Vogue and The New Yorker; NBC News; and IAC, which owns People, The Daily Beast, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Apple has floated multiyear deals worth at least $50 million to license this material. Apple declined to elaborate.

AI companies have been accused of taking written material from across the internet without the permission of the artists, writers, and coders who created it, leading to several copyright lawsuits.

In a statement, an OpenAI spokesman said to The New York Times that the company respects “the rights of content creators and owners and believes they should benefit from A.I. technology,” citing its recent deals with the American Journalism Project and the German publisher Axel Springer.