Anthropic Releases a New Version of Its AI Chatbot ‘Claude 2’

IBL News | New York

Anthropic this week announced a new version of its AI chatbot named Claude 2, available in beta at in the U.S. and U.K. It also can be accessed via AI.

This AI company — which competes with OpenAI as well as startups such as Cohere and AI21 Labs — said that Claude 2 has longer memory and improved performance in coding, math, and reasoning.

Like the old Claude (Claude 1.3), Claude 2 can search across documents, summarize, write and code, and answer questions about particular topics.

“Our latest model scored 76.5% on the multiple-choice section of the Bar exam, up from 73.0% with Claude 1.3. When compared to college students applying to graduate school, Claude 2 scores above the 90th percentile on the GRE reading and writing exams, and similarly to the median applicant on quantitative reasoning.”

“Think of Claude as a friendly, enthusiastic colleague or personal assistant who can be instructed in natural language to help you with many tasks,” added the company.

Users can input up to 100K tokens in each prompt, which means that Claude can work over hundreds of pages of technical documentation or even a book. Claude can now also write longer documents, from memos to letters to stories up to a few thousand tokens.

It’s the largest of any commercially available model. Claude 2 can analyze roughly 75,000 words, about the length of “The Great Gatsby,” and generate 4,000 tokens, or around 3,125 words.

Currently, Claude powers Jasper AI, Sourcegraph’s coding assistant Cody, Poe, Notion, and DuckDuckGo’s Duck Assist.

Google is among Anthropic’s investors, having pledged $300 million in Anthropic for a 10% stake in the startup. The others are Spark Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Zoom Ventures, Sound Ventures, Menlo Ventures, The Center for Emerging Risk Research, and a medley of undisclosed VCs and angels.

To date, Anthropic, which launched in 2021, and led by former OpenAI VP of research Dario Amodei, has raised $1.45 billion at a valuation in the single-digit billions. The company estimates it’ll need — $5 billion over the next two years — mostly for computing power in the form of tens of thousands of GPUs to train its models.

In addition to its own API, Anthropic plans to make Claude 2 available through Bedrock, Amazon’s generative AI hosting platform, in the coming months.

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