Adults With Non-Degree Certificates Enjoy Better Employment and Wages

IBL News | New York

American working adults who hold certificates and certifications without college degrees enjoy better employment and yearly wages than those without credentials, according to a report from the Strada Education Network, Lumina Foundation and Gallup. This segment of adults also advises others to follow and education path.

The report, based on the Strada-Gallup Education Consumer survey distributed to 64,000 participants adults, found that there is more than just economic value to getting a certificate or certification.

“Individuals not only are getting the economic and wage benefits, that are documented in other places, but they also have this sense of it was a valuable experience for them, in their lives,” said Dave Clayton, vice president of the Strada Education Network.

Certification programs span across all industries. “On Security and protective services, architecture, engineering, construction, mining, certificates people report having higher incomes if they have certificates and certifications,” added Mr. Clyton.

Another finding of the survey is that the extra income enjoyed by non-degree adults who have certificates is “considerably larger” for men than women, across all kinds of jobs.