Adobe’s Firefly AI Art Generation Tool Has Generated a Billion Images

IBL News | New York

Adobe’s Firefly web service has generated a billion images and text effects on the web and in Photoshop since its launch in March, the company claimed.

The company, which is making this AI art creation tool available in twenty languages, said it was one of its most successful betas ever.

With Firefly, Adobe got into the generative AI lucrative market.

One of the key factors of the success is the fact that Adobe ensures that the images businesses create with Firefly are commercially safe because it’s trained on a corpus of images that are part of its stock imagery service.

Adobe even wrote an indemnity clause stating it will pay any copyright claims related to works generated in Adobe Firefly.

In a statement about the clause, the company specifically refers to these enterprise customers:

“With Firefly, Adobe will also be offering enterprise customers an IP indemnity, which means that Adobe would protect customers from third-party IP claims about Firefly-generated outputs.”

That means the company is prepared to pay out any claims should a customer lose a lawsuit over the use of Firefly-generated content.