A Student Guide to Remote Learning from GW’s Professor Lorena Barba

IBL News | New York

Engineering professor Dr. Lorena Barba, from The George Washington University (GW), published this month a Student’s Guide to Remote Learning, with tools and practical ideas to navigate this pandemic time.

“Students are now back home—some in different time zones—and expected to continue learning, with their teachers quickly adopting new technologies and methods to keep courses going; it is a tremendous challenge for all of us,” said Professor Barba.

– Take care of yourself and others
– Manage your time
– Master the tools
– Deal with pitfalls
– Stay connected

In addition to recommending to work at least two additional hours for every hour of scheduled instruction, and time-block for all your courses, one of the suggested ideas is to use the Pomodoro technique.

It works like this: set a timer for just 25 min to work without allowing yourself to be distracted, then take a 5-min break (for social media, exchanging texts with a friend, having a snack), and then repeat. After 4 cycles, take a longer break (~30min).

Prof. Barbara Oakley, who teaches the successful MOOC “Learning How to Learn”, explained in the following video:

The guide includes tips to deal with web conferencing tools and learning platforms.