A New Catholic Polytechnic University Will Focus on the Integration of Science and Faith

Mikel Amigot, IBL News | New York

An innovative science- and tech-focused four-year Catholic university is now forming as an in-person undergraduate an online graduate college in Los Angeles County.

Dr. Jennifer Nolan, a cognitive scientist, and college instructor is launching the initiative as a 501c3 nonprofit institution. She is now assembling an administrative team and working towards becoming a degree-granting, licensed institution.

The newly formed Catholic Polytechnic (CPU) will begin with a few select online certification courses.

“We will combine a deep quest for scientific, tech, engineering and business expertise with the enduring truths of the Catholic faith,” Jennifer Nolan explained to IBL News.

“Our goal is to become recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society ‘Guide to Choosing a Catholic College’, to have all professors take the Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium, and to abide by Ex Corde Ecclesiae.”

Sacraments, Masses, and Adoration will be hallmarks of student life.

Courses and programs in the works at CPU will revolve around Business, Sciences, Engineering, Math, and Bioethics, and may  include:

  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Server-side Web Programming
  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Computer Architecture
  • Cyber Security
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Electromagnetism
  • Electrical Engineering Applications: Sensors, embedded and IoT

“Based on the empirical science of learning and the Minerva model, course content will be delivered using novel methods of instruction, with emphasis on hands-on learning, debate, creative thinking, and writing skills,” Nolan said.

The primary goal will be job placement in business and polytechnic careers. The aim would be to place at least 95% of Catholic Polytechnic graduates in business, science or tech career-driven jobs or graduate schools.

”By training STEM innovators with knowledge of business and theology, we hope Catholic Polytechnic University will help bolster the Catholic Church and provide great careers for Catholics nationwide.”

Several donors have expressed interest in helping the school achieve its goals, the Catholic Business Journal reported.

The date of the launching has not been determined yet.

In Los Angeles County there are 4.4 million Catholics.