A London StartUp Launches an AI Tool that Replaces the Traditional Way of Putting Bids Together

IBL News | New York

The London – based startup AutogenAI built an AI assistant that helps businesses to write compelling proposals and tenders in minutes, replacing the traditional way of putting bids together and saving time and headcount.

Launched less than a year ago, it has raised $22.3 million from Blossom Capital and claims to serve 28 clients, although no names are disclosed.

Its founder and CEO, Sean Williams, explained at Techcrunch that he worked for years for large private firms bidding to provide services to the U.K. government.

AutogenAI uses LLMs from OpenAI and others combined with clients’ structured and unstructured proprietary data.

It features a unique interface to help users query information and create pitches based on a company’s most successful past work.

“We want to help our customers win more work and work more effectively, and our software can speed up the process of writing a strong pitch by 800%,” said Sean Williams.