Zapier Makes Available Personalized AI Bots Through a Chrome Extension

IBL News | New York

Zapier launched this month an experimental AI workspace where users can teach bots to work across over 6,000 apps, like Google Sheets, Slack, and Shopify.

Powered with ChatGPT, this solution, Zapier Central, works through a Chrome extension that allows users to chat with any website, summarize and translate page content, and take action via personalized AI bots in thousands of apps.

“People are using Zapier Central bots to save time in sales, marketing, operations, engineering, and more,” said Zapier on its Chrome Web Store page.

These are some use cases, according to Zapier:

  • Draft a cold email based on a LinkedIn profile.
  • Perform sentiment analysis on a YouTube transcript and save it to a spreadsheet.
  • Add data about sales leads on the page to your CRM
  • Post a team update in Slack based on a change log in your project management app
  • Generate a list of key takeaways from any blog post and save that to a document

Users can use Zapier Central for free and upgrade it. A Zapier account is required to use Central and this Chrome extension.