Users of Complain About Personality Changes on Their Chatbots

IBL News | New York

Users of are reporting sudden personality changes on their chatbots and complain that they aren’t as good as they were in the last weeks.

The r/CharacterAI subreddit reflected these views.

In a company blog post last week, Character.AI claimed that it serves around 20,000 queries per second–about 20% of the request volume served by Google Search. also noted that pornographic content is forbidden, although romantic and erotic roleplay is a massive draw for users, and people use it for “companionship.”

Last year, chatbot companion app Replika tweaked its filters for erotic roleplay, making them more strict, and many people complained, especially those who spent months or years developing connections.

Valued at $1 billion after raising $150 million in a round led by a16z, allows users to choose characters from a library or create their own.

Last year, a16z said that was the second most popular LLM platform, only outranked by ChatGPT.

The platform is free to use with limited features, but it requires paying $10 per month for faster messages and other enhancements.

Some media outlets have reported that Google is developing a competitor to It’d be based on chatbots modeled after celebrities and real people.