UPenn Fosters Innovation and Crosses a Milestone: 100 MOOCs, 5 Million Enrollments

A hundred MOOCs and 5 million enrollments in four years.

The University of Pennsylvania has crossed this milestone. UPenn’s 12 schools and a total of 107 participating faculty have contributed to this initiative.

The University of Pennsylvania crosses 100 MOOCs and 5 million enrollments. All 12 of its schools are contributing MOOCs on Coursera and edX.

“Four years after launching some of the first MOOCs on Coursera, Penn’s Online Learning Initiative  (OLI) has grown into a campus-wide effort dedicated to sharing a piece of the Penn experience with curious minds around the world,” explained UPenn at its website.

“Our main strength is ensuring that online and technology-based learning permeate everything we do here in the spirit of experimentation; we want to bring learning and benefits back to our students here and to inform other initiatives”, Executive Director Amy Bennett said.

“We’re going to focus on providing more personalized learning experiences for different segments of learners, pursuing new types of credentials (especially as the market is becoming more job-focused), and trying to break down the barriers to and negative perceptions of online education. For example, our Robotics Specialization capstone enabled students to build something and have a hands-on learning experience that didn’t require a classroom,” Amy Bennett added.