University of South Florida (USF) Will Open a New College Dedicated to AI In 2025

IBL News | New York

The University of South Florida (USF) plans to launch a college of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and computing in Fall 2025, seeking to position itself as a national leader in AI.

The college would offer undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare students for in-demand careers in AI.

This college will be located in the Tampa Bay area, already a hub for the tech industry.

With this initiative, the university wants to respond to the shortage of qualified talent in AI skills. “The demand for professionals skilled in these areas continues to grow, along with the need for more research to better understand how to utilize powerful new technologies in ways that improve our society,” USF President Rhea Law says.

In 2023, it established an AI graduate certificate while urging its faculty to incorporate the subject in the classroom.

Today, about 200 USF faculty members are already researching related subjects.

Last year, the National Science Foundation reportedly awarded more than $800 million for AI-related research.