Udacity Promotes its Machine Learning Nanodegree with an Award of $100k Offered by the Uber of China



Udacity.com has partnered with Chinese ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing –Uber’s China rival that has secured a one billion dollar investment from Apple– for a Machine Learning Competition. As a result of it, Didi Chuxing will award a $100k prize and an interview for a role with the company to the winner who improves its supply-demand forecasting algorithm and capability to predict. The second and third place teams in the competition will be awarded prices of RMB 50K and RMB 20K, respectively.

 Sebastian Thrun, founder of Udacity and an expert of Machine Learning, will be one of the judges.

The Machine Learning Engineering Nanodegree is one of the most successful programs at Udacity –a MOOC platform that competes to Coursera and edX.org. It is also a signature program that teaches how to become a machine learning engineer and apply predictive models to massive datasets in field like finance, healthcare and education.