UC San Diego Announces Their Caliper Analytics Integration With Open edX

The University of California San Diego announced yesterday the release of the Open edX Caliper Feed feature, a data solution that allows for the real-time collection of course activity to flow into an analytics tool.

The project, developed by the university’s IT Services department along with Arbisoft and Amass, started when the institution found incompatibilities between campus analytics applications and the data format of test scores and other metrics on its 90 edX courses with 3.4 million students. The university had no effective way of using data, and it needed to find a workable solution.

The complete code is available for free at: https://pypi.org/project/openedx-caliper-tracking.

Caliper is a standard format for capturing and presenting measures of learning activity. Access to real-time reporting helps instructors and course designers more effectively design classes and boost student success. For example, some students react better to auditory content, while others prefer visual or video-driven methods.

Karen Flammer, Director of the Center for Digital Learning, at UC San Diego, said, “It’s a tremendous development; it’s not easy to see what parts of a course students are spending time on, what they are concentrating on and where they are struggling. From a practical standpoint, we’ll be able to use this data to assess and improve learning pathways. Obtaining access to this data supports delivering customized resources and activities tailored to the unique needs of each learner.”


UC San Diego News Center: UC San Diego Updates edX Platform to Improve Online Learning Experience