TU Delft Reaches 1 Million Enrollments on Courses on edX.org


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TU Delft, the largest and oldest public technological university in the Netherlands, announced this week that it has reached 1 million enrollments, with an average age of 29, in its 36 MOOCs in science, design and engineering since 2013.

  • MOOCs’ content is typically derived from classes given in TU Delft’s regular degree programs. At the university level, “these open courses have been used to enable students to attend the lectures online so classroom hours are dedicated to in-depth discussion of the course material, rather than to knowledge transfer”.
  • Some companies, such as Royal Haskoning DHV and Capgemini, have used the MOOCs internally as part of company training.
  • TU Delft has released MOOCs for children, too. The MOOC in Dutch “Scratch, programmeren voor kinderen (8+)” (Scratch, programming for kids (8+)), started on June 15, has attracted 2,500 kids.
  • “Solar Energy” by Arno Smets, TU Delft’s first MOOC, in 2013, has reached 130,000 enrollments and has been translated into Arabic on the Jordanian edraak.org platform, with the goal to adopt solar energy as an energy source in the Middle East. The course teaches how to install a photovoltaic system using solar panels, and so contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Anka Mulder, vice-president of TU Delft and the driving force behind the MOOCs at the university, has announced that for-credit MOOCs are next.

‘We are now working hard on the next step: ensuring that our students can earn credits for MOOCs of TU Delft, as well as for those from partner universities and vice versa. This means that they will gain access to a wide range of courses from top lecturers around the world. The challenge lies in agreeing on which courses we recognize and how many credits our students can earn in a certain phase of their degree program.’

The following are the course enrollments at Delft:



Number of Runs


Solar Energy 4        131.789
Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making 3        112.972
Data Analysis to the MAX() 3        106.794
Functional Programming 2          62.581
Aeronautical Engineering 4          60.951
Introduction to Credit Risk Management 3          51.549
Pre-University Calculus 3          48.338
Framing : How Politicians Debate 2          47.114
Product Design: Delft Design Approach 3          38.390
Data Analysis: Building Your Own Business Dashboard 2          35.997
Leadership for Engineers 1          29.868
Introduction to Water Treatment 1          29.179
Data Analysis: Visualization and Dashboard Design 1          24.343
Drinking Water Treatment 3          23.812
Industrial Biotechnology 3          23.232
Treatment of Urban Sewage 3          21.886
NGI 1 1          20.534
Water & climate 3          19.415
Circular Economy: an introduction 2          14.113
Responsible Innovation 2          13.997
Sustainable Urban Development 1          10.958
Transport Phenomena 2            8.913
Image | Ability: visualising the Unimaginable 2            8.252
Topology in Condensed Matter: Tying Quantum Knots 2            7.268
Building with Nature 2            7.081
The Next Generation of Infrastructure 2            7.065
Next Generation Infrastructures part 2 1            6.233
Geoscience: the earth and its resources 1            5.324
Open Government 1            4.080
Sustainable Energy: Designing a Renewable Future 1            3.486
Quantum Cryptography 1            3.343
Project Management of Engineering Projects 1            3.138
ScratchX: programmeren voor kinderen 1            2.695
Design Practice in Business 1            2.578
Understanding Nuclear Energy 1            1.482
Observation Theory: Estimating the Unknown 1            1.429
Total                       70     1.000.179

The images below reflect Delft’s success.