Top Ten edX Courses in 2016

These are the ten most popular courses of 2016 at The list, elaborated by the edX team, is based on total enrollments and learner ratings.
1. Introduction to Computer Science – HarvardX (Self-Paced)

“Just incredible, can’t speak highly enough about this course and do not believe that there could be any better introductory course on CS.” – Philip

2. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel – Microsoft (Self-Paced)

“I’ve learnt a lot and I’ll be able to apply almost everything immediately… It will be very useful for our company and for our clients.” – Jordina

3. TOEFL® Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide – ETSx

“Amazing course, great instructors always there to answer the main concerns. Highly recommended if you want to take the TOEFL Test.” – Anonymous

(Starts January 25)

4. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python – MITx 

“Excellent! This course is a must-take. It is a very comprehensive and great course in Python as well as computer science.” – Yew

(Starts January 10)

5. The Science of Everyday Thinking – UQx (Self-Paced)

“As a psychologist I was thrilled not only by amount and quality of material, but also by the interviews with top psychologists of the world. The guys interviewed Richard Nisbett, Elizabeth Loftus, “MythBusters”, even Nobel prize winner Daniel Kanneman. Incredible job! Fantastic course and great experience for everybody.” – Dmytro
6. Introduction to Java Programming – Part 1 – HKUSTx (Self-Paced)

“Great introductory Java course. TC Pong does a great job of explaining the content. Most of the content applies not only to Java, but to programming and problem solving in general” – Anonymous

7. Introduction to Linux – LinuxFoundationX (Self-Paced)

“This is my first online course and it could not get better than this. I wish I had known of this course earlier. The content and mode of instruction is just superb.” – Ouya

8. Introduction to Project Management – AdelaideX (Self-Paced)

“Every phase of project management was explained in detail. I do recommend this course to enhance professional and personal skills!” – Joana

9. Conversational English Skills – TsinghuaX (Self-Paced)

“Fun course! For those who are not very proficient in English, it will definitely help. You get to learn a lot about different cultures as well!” – Bharat

10. The Science of Happiness – UC BerkeleyX (Self-Paced) 

“This was an incredible experience. I am in tears. I think there are many things to highlight about this course that would not be fair if I name any of it. People have to work hard but the reward of this will change your life for good. I assure you. Thanks a lot.” – Oscar

(Starts January 3)