The Third Open edX Conference Will Take Place in June in the Bay Area


The third Open edX Conference for developers will take place in June in the Bay Area.

Joel Barciauskas, engineering manager at Open edX, made this announcement during the third Open edX Meetup in New York. Further details will be communicated throughout the following weeks.


During the event, organized by IBL and McKinsey Academy and rated with five stars on, Joel Barciauskas also announced that Open edX’s Dogwood version will be released by the end of January.

Dogwood will have as supported components the edx-platform, including its dependencies, Ora2 and Forums. The picture above, which is part of Joel’s presentation, reflects what’s new in Dogwood.

In addition, Dogwood will include these three components, which won’t be officially supported by edX:

  • eCommerce (Otto)
  • Insights Analytics
  • Mobile applications (iOS and Android)

After Dogwood, the next release will be Eucalyptus, scheduled for March/April.


> Joel Barciauskas’ Open edX Presentation (.pdf)
> Third Open edX’s Meetup: photos, comments and video (streaming quality)