The Third New York Open edX Meetup Will Take Place this January 7th


The third New York Open edX Meetup will take place this January 7th at McKinsey Academy’s WeWork in downtown Manhattan.

More than 90 people have confirmed their attendance for the meetup since it was announced four days ago.

Meanwhile, the number of people who belong to this group has surpassed 450. This is the largest community of Open edX-ers.

Columbia University, edX, McKinsey Academy, IBL Studios and Open Online Academy‘s representatives will talk about the state of Open edX and explain how this open-source technology is helping universities and businesses to implement MOOC-style courses, intended for blended, continuous education, professional development, alumni engagement, lead generation and for-credit programs.

“What makes the Open edX platform unique” is the theme of this meetup.

The panelists will be the following:

Maurice Matiz, Executive Director Columbia Center for Media Teaching and Learning, Columbia University

Joel Barciauskas, Engineering Manager at edX

Jennifer Gormley, Senior Director, Product and Marketing at McKinsey Academy

Michael Amigot, Founder at IBL Studios (Open edX)

Ivan Shumkov, Founder at Open Online Academy (

This event will take place after the success of the Open edX Universities Symposium in DC, organized by the same team.

This short, welcoming event –free of sales pitches– will include brief talks, along with a round-table discussion and networking.

This event will be live broadcasted and open to outside participation. All of the talks will be filmed and distributed  throughout the Open edX community.

Our third Open edX meetup will be sponsored by McKinsey Academy, WeWork and IBL.

Access is free, although seats are limited. Beer and pizza will be served.

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