The Poe Chatbot Introduces a Per-Message Revenue Model

IBL News | New York

The Quora-owned AI chatbot Poe introduced this month a new revenue model based on setting a per-message price. This way, creators and developers will generate income every time a user messages them.

The new model follows the revenue-sharing program released on October 2023, which gave bot creators a cut of earnings when their users subscribe to Poe’s premium product.

Poe offers users to choose from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Anthropic’s Claude, Google’s Gemini, and other LLMs.

“This pricing mechanism is important for developers with a substantial model inference or API costs,” Adam D’Angelo noted in a post on X. “Our goal is to enable a thriving ecosystem of model developers and bot creators who build on top of models and covering these operational costs is a key part of that, in areas like tutoring, knowledge, assistants, analysis, storytelling, and image generation,” he added.

Alongside the per-message revenue model, Poe also launched an enhanced analytics dashboard that displays bot usage and revenue earnings for creators across paywalls, subscriptions, and messages.